Вправи на Past Perfect

Виконайте нижче вправи на знання часу Past Perfect та перевірте свої знання.

1. Напишіть третю форму наступних дієслів:

  1. speak - 
  2. teach - 
  3. eat - 
  4. tell - 
  5. begin - 

2. Напишіть речення, ставлячи дієслова у правильну форму:

  1. I lost the key that he (give)  to me.
  2. She told me that she (see)  the film .
  3. I went outside as I (hear)  a noise.
  4. She picked out the red dress, which she (not / wear)  for ages.
  5. Mike (not / swim)  in the beach before that day.
  6. His father was angry because he (not / help)  him.
  7. (you / have)  dinner before you left the house?
  8. (he / manage)  to find a place to stay when he went to Paris?
  9. Where (she / stay)  before she moved to live with her boyfriend?

3. Поставте дієслова у правильну форму, використовуючи Past Simple чи Past Perfect:

  1. The storm (destroy)  the house that they had built .
  2. When she went out to play, she (do / already)  her homework.
  3. The children (clean)  the blackboard they had used to do the mathematics exercise.
  4. He took off the jacket he (put on)   before.
  5. They (eat)  all of the food that she had made .

Відповіді до вправи №1:

  1. spoken
  2. taught
  3. eaten
  4. told
  5. begun

Відповіді до вправи №2:

  1. had given
  2. had seen
  3. had heard
  4. had not/hadn’t worn
  5. had not/hadn’t swum
  6. had not/hadn’t helped
  7. Had you had
  8. Had he managed
  9. had she stayed

Відповіді до вправи №3:

  1. destroyed
  2. had lready done
  3. cleaned
  4. had put on
  5. ate


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