Вправи на модальні дієслова (Modal Verbs)

Виконайте нижче вправу на знання модальних дієслів та перевірте свої знання.

Виберіть правильне модальне дієслово з дужок та впишіть його в речення:

  1. There are plenty of tomatoes in the fridge. You (mustn’t/needn’t/may not/should not)  buy any.
  2. It’s a hospital. You (mustn’t/needn’t/may not/don’t have to)  smoke.
  3. He had been working for more than 11 hours. He (must/need/had better/mustn’t)  be tired after such hard work. He (should/may/must/had better)  prefer to get some rest.
  4. I (might/could/must/can)  speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Morocco. But after we moved back to Canada, I had very little exposure to the language and forgot almost everything I knew as a child. Now, I (may/can/must/need)  just say a few things in the language.
  5. The teacher said we (must/can/should/needn’t)  read this book for our own pleasure as it is optional. But we (need/could/mustn’t/needn’t)  read it if we don’t want to.
  6. (Can/May/Need/Must)  you stand on your head for more than a minute? – No, I (can’t/needn’t/may not) .
  7. If you want to learn to speak German fluently, you (need/have to/could/mustn’t)  to work hard.
  8. Take an umbrella. It (should/need/might/has to)  rain later.
  9. You (need/needn’t/may not/shouldn’t)  leave small objects lying around . Such objects (may/must/need/may not)  be swallowed by children.
  10. People (may not/needn’t/couldn’t/don’t have to)  walk on grass.
  11. Drivers (must/can/could/might)  stop when the traffic lights are red.
  12. (Will/Can/Must/May) I ask a question? – Yes, of course.
  13. You (couldn’t/needn’t/mustn’t/may not)  take your umbrella. It is not raining.
  14. (Should/May/Need/Can) you speak Polssh? – No, I (can’t/mustn’t/might not/don’t have to)  .
  1. needn’t
  2. mustn’t
  3. must, may
  4. could, can
  5. can, can
  6. Can, can’t
  7. need
  8. might
  9. shouldn’t, may
  10. mustn’t
  11. must
  12. May
  13. needn’t
  14. Can, can’t


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