Ідіоми на букву “H”

Нижче представлені англійські ідіоми, що розпочинаються з літери “H”.

(your) hands are tied

Треба розуміти як: зв’язані руки, не можна щось зробити


The president says he’d like to spend more on schools in poor districts, but says his hands are tied by what he calls “budgetary restrictions”.

(your) heart goes out to (someone)

Треба розуміти як: відчувати велику симпатію до когось


We’re so sorry to hear of your loss, and our hearts go out to you in this difficult time.

(your) heart is in the right place

Треба розуміти як: намагатися робити добрі справи, якщо навіть результат буде не таким хорошим як гадалося


His heart was in the right place when he raised everyone’s salaries, but in the end it meant some people lost their jobs.

(your) heart isn’t in it

Треба розуміти як: відсутня наснага робити справу, нема бажання


Ali was studying to be a doctor, but his heart wasn’t in it so he decided to follow his real dream and study film-making instead.

a head start

Треба розуміти як: мати перевагу


If you’re born into a rich family, and you’ve had a good education, you’re lucky enough to have had a head start in life, so don’t waste it.

a hidden agenda

Треба розуміти як: таємний план


Some people claim that the U.S. had a hidden agenda in Iraq, and that it had something to do with oil.


Треба розуміти як: непродумано, недороблений


The trouble with Mick is that some of his ideas are good, but a lot of them are half-baked and can’t be used.

hang in there | hang on in there

Треба розуміти як: витримувати важкі обставини, триматися з усіх сил


Giving up cigarettes is really hard, but it gets easier as each day passes, so hang in there and you’ll soon feel better.

hard to come by

Треба розуміти як: важко знайти


A good cheap hotel is hard to come by in London these days.

hard to swallow

Треба розуміти як: важко повірити


I find a lot of Jack’s stories hard to swallow, but I still enjoy hearing them even if they aren’t entirely true.

have a heart-to-heart

Треба розуміти як: вести душевну бесіду


After we’d had a good heart-to-heart we understood each other much better.

have a soft spot for

Треба розуміти як: відчувати симпатію


I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Uncle George.

have second thoughts

Треба розуміти як: сумніватися у раніше прийнятих рішеннях


You’re not having second thoughts about moving to Australia to live, are you?

have your hands full

Треба розуміти як: бути зайнятим


I’d love to teach you but I’ve got my hands full at the moment and I can’t take on any more students just now.

have your head in the clouds

Треба розуміти як: літати в хмарах, бути наївним щодо ситуації чи обставин


If you think oil companies are going to help destroy their own industry by developing alternative energy sources, you have your head in the clouds.

have your work cut out (for you)

Треба розуміти як: мати важку задачу


Our son has left it to the last minute to write his essay, so now he really has his work cut out for him to get it done on time.

heads will roll

Треба розуміти як: когось можуть звільнити, після провалу на роботі


How could the air force have bombed a school by mistake? Heads will roll, believe me!

hit it off

Треба розуміти як: знаходити спільну мову, подобатися один одному


Brad and Angelina hit it off the first time they met, and they’ve been together ever since.

hit the hay | hit the sack

Треба розуміти як: йти спати


You look really tired. What time did you hit the sack last night?

hit the nail on the head

Треба розуміти як: в самісіньке око; як в око влучив


Bernie hit the nail on the head when he said the team’s problem is that the players don’t have confidence in one another.

hit the roof

Треба розуміти як: втрачати самоконтроль


When the boss saw Jim’s mistake, he hit the roof. He yelled and thumped the desk and told Jim to get out.

hold the fort

Треба розуміти як: вести справи за відсутності когось


Can you hold the fort while I run down to the bank?

hold your head high | hold your head up high

Треба розуміти як: гордитися чимось


The team didn’t win, but they can hold their heads up high because they put up a great fight.

hold your own

Треба розуміти як: бути не гіршим за когось; відстоювати свою точку зору, триматися своєї позиції


Kelly’s a great tennis player and she can hold her own against anyone in her class, including the boys.

hot under the collar

Треба розуміти як: бути розлюченим чи обуреним


The coach was getting hot under the collar because he thought the referee was making unfair decisions against his players.

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