Зовнішність та характер людини

Словник англійської мови на тему “Зовнішність та характер людини” (Appearance and Character).

Appearance (зовнішність)

handsome, attractive, beautiful, cute, nice, good-looking, pretty;

plain, ugly, plain-looking, unattractive;

well-dressed, poorly dressed, casually dressed, nicely dressed;

untidy, neat, dirty, clean.

Height (ріст)

tall, five feet tall, quite tall, short, very tall;

middle height, medium height, average height;

he is of middle height, Mary is average height.

Weight and Build (вага та будова тіла)

slim, quite thin, thin,  skinny, slender, medium-build, fat overweight;

muscular, strong, athletic.

Hair (волося)

brown, blond, dark, fair, black, chestnut brown, white, red, gray;

long, medium-length, short, shoulder-length;

curly, straight, thick, wavy, thinning, bald;

smooth, neatly combed, shiny;

dull, disheveled, tousled.

Eyes (очі)

blue, light-blue, grayish-blue, gray, dark-gray, brown, green, dark;

bright, big, with long lashes, expressive.

Age (вік)

young, teenager, middle-aged, old;

sixteen years old, in his thirties, about fifty.

Character (характер людини)

pleasant personality, good-natured, easy-going, good-tempered;

ill-natured, terrible character, bad-tempered;

unsociable, friendly, outgoing, sociable, unfriendly, hostile;

immature, strong, tough, mature, independent, weak;

honest, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, dishonest, unreliable;

sensible, reasonable, unpredictable, unreasonable, impulsive;

hard-working, ambitious, energetic, lazy;

organized, disciplined, accurate, careful;

disorganized, undisciplined, careless, inattentive, inaccurate;

alert, perceptive, attentive, observant, insightful, considerate, thoughtful;

pushy, aggressive, self-centered, selfish, inconsiderate, egoistical;

shy, self-confident, timid, humble, modest;

haughty, arrogant, impudent; obstinate,  stubborn;

melancholic, moody, self-conscious, sensitive, touchy;

amusing, humorous, funny, interesting, boring, dull;

kind, kind-hearted, unselfish, generous,;

thrifty, economical, stingy, greedy, miserly;

official, formal, informal, casual, relaxed;

odd, strange, weird, crazy eccentric.

Mind (розум)

keen, intelligent, sharp, bright, quick, broad-minded, agile, clever, wise;

stupid, foolish, silly, narrow-minded.

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