Англійські ідіоми на літери “X”, “Y” та “Z”

Нижче представлені англійські ідіоми, що розпочинаються з літер “X”, “Y” та “Z”.


Треба розуміти як: щось особливе, що приваблює


He’s not a great singer but people can’t take their eyes off him, so he must have the x-factor.


Треба розуміти як: тільки для дорослих


One of the first x-rated movies to get a general release was “Last Tango in Paris” with Marlon Brando.

year dot | year one

Треба розуміти як: початок часів, з давніх-давен


There have been people living in Australia since the year dot, but Europeans have only been there for about two hundred years.

year in, year out

Треба розуміти як: з року в рік


Our family gets together year in, year out at Christmas time.

yellow journalism

Треба розуміти як: жовта пресса


Have you noticed how, during a war, normally trustworthy professionals start writing the worst sort of yellow journalism to justify their government’s actions?

yellow streak

Треба розуміти як: боягузство, боягуз


Some people say Jimmy’s got a yellow streak a mile wide, but I’ve never seen anything in him except courage and bravery.


Треба розуміти як: боягуз


Tony’s father called him yellow-bellied when he was a five-year-old boy because he didn’t want to ride a horse. Tony has never forgotten it.


Треба розуміти як: підлабузник; людина, що відповідає “так” аби догодити комусь


Do you think Larry’s just a yes-man, or will he tell the president what he really thinks?

You are what you eat.

Треба розуміти як: ти те, що ти їси; твоє здоров’я залежить від того, що ти їси


Why do you eat so much bad stuff like pizza, hamburgers, fries and ice-cream? You are what you eat, you know.

You asked for it!

Треба розуміти як: Ти отримав те, на що заслуговуєш!


I knew the risks when I started smoking, so now that I’ve got lung cancer all I can say to myself is “You asked for it!”

you bet | you bet your boots | you bet your life

Треба розуміти як: ще б пак, звісно


Fela Kuti said “Do you want to join my band?” and I said, “You bet I do!”

You can say that again!

Треба розуміти як: Повністю згоден! Та не кажи!


Jean: “Phew! It’s really hot today.” Louis: “You can say that again!”

You can’t win them all.

Треба розуміти як: Неможливо перемагати постійно; неможливо всіх постійно перегравати


After Terry had lost the match, his wife said, “Never mind, dear. You can’t win them all.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Треба розуміти як: Я був дуже здивований


You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that Jules and Ken were getting married. I had no idea!

You’re on!

Треба розуміти як: Домовились!


Batman: “I bet I can do more push-ups than you can, wonder boy!” Robin: “You’re on, Batman!”

You’re only young once.

Треба розуміти як: час спливає; з віком ти не молодієш


Jules was trying to talk me into backpacking through Africa with her when she said, “Come on! You’re only young once!”

You’re telling me!

Треба розуміти як: Й не кажіть! Мені можете про це не говорити, я повністю згоден з вами!


Zappa: “Wow! It sure is cold today!” Iggy: “You’re telling me, Zappa! It’s freezing!”

young at heart

Треба розуміти як: молодий душею


Terry’s nearly seventy but he’s still young at heart. He’s always trying new things and going to new places.

young blood

Треба розуміти як: молодь, молодий ентузіазм


The company is successful because they’re always bringing in young blood, and this helps them keep up with the latest fashions and ideas.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Треба розуміти як: я знаю не більше вашого


Tom: “Who’s going to win the World Cup?” Jerry: “Your guess is as good as mine.”

zebra crossing

Треба розуміти як: пішохідний перехід


Visitors to Britain are sometimes confused when they’re told there’s a zebra crossing up ahead. Some even expect to see a zebra walking across the road.

zero in on

Треба розуміти як: сцконцентруватися на чомусь


If you’re reporting on an issue rather than an event, first get the reader interested by zeroing in the main players and their conflict.

zero tolerance

Треба розуміти як: нетерпимість


Because of the school’s zero-tolerance policy, our boy was expelled for smoking just one cigarette.

zero-sum game

Треба розуміти як: суперництво, в якому хтось обов’язково виграє, а хтось програє, при чому втративши щось на користь іншого


The stock market has become a giant zero-sum game in which one investor gains what another investor loses.

Zip it!

Треба розуміти як: Тримай язика за зубами!


Kelly was about to say the wrong thing, so I told her to zip it.

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