Англійські ідіоми на літеру “R”

Нижче представлені англійські ідіоми, що розпочинаються з літери “R”.

(it’s) raining cats and dogs

Треба розуміти як: злива


We can’t go now because it’s raining cats and dogs.

a raw deal

Треба розуміти як: нечесна угода


Doctors in small hospitals in country towns get a raw deal. They earn less, and usually work longer hours, than doctors in big-city hospitals.

a ray of sunshine

Треба розуміти як: ковток свіжого повітря


The birth of Debra’s first grandchild less than a year after her husband died came as a much-needed ray of sunshine in her life.

a recipe for disaster

Треба розуміти як: безнадійна справа


Inviting my mother-in-law to stay for a week is a recipe for disaster. I’ll end up arguing with her, and then my wife and I will quarrel and then the kids will get upset. It’s a bad idea!

a red-letter day

Треба розуміти як: червоний день в календарі


The day Tatiana graduated from university was a red-letter day for her whole family. She was the first person in the family’s history to get a university degree.

a roller coaster | a roller-coaster ride

Треба розуміти як: “американські гірки” у справах, житті і т.д.


The movie follows a young guy’s emotional roller-coaster ride as he tries to come to terms with being gay in a small town in Australia.

rack your brains | rack you brain

Треба розуміти як: намагатися щось згадати, напрумужвати мізки


I’m racking my brains, but I just can’t think of his name.

rags to riches

Треба розуміти як: з грязі да в князі


My grandfather went from rags to riches when his dishwashing liquid became very popular. He started out making it at home, but in less than a year he had his own factory.

raison d’être

Треба розуміти як: сенс життя


When he was young, Carl’s raison d’être was enjoying life and exploring its possibilities. But after he got married and had kids, it was all about his family.

raring to go

Треба розуміти як: повний енергії щось робити


After the coach gave a great team talk, the players were pumped up and raring to go.

reach for the moon | reach for the stars

Треба розуміти як: досягнути чогось важливого


Ever since he was a little boy, Gustav had reached for the moon. It was as if he’d somehow known that he would do great things in his life.

read between the lines

Треба розуміти як: читати між строчками; намагатися розуміти щось, що не сказано/написано прямим текстом


I got a letter from Robyn and she isn’t happy. She didn’t say anything but I could tell by reading between the lines that something’s wrong.

recharge your batteries

Треба розуміти як: зарядитися новими силами


Vicky was really tired after organizing last month’s seminar, so she’s gone to one of those spa-resorts for a few days to recharge her batteries.

red light district

Треба розуміти як: квартал червоних ліхтарів


Mark told us about the red light district in Amsterdam, and how the women there sit behind windows waiting for customers.

red tape

Треба розуміти як: бюрократія


It takes a long time to set up a company in some countries because of all the red tape involved in getting government permits.

right down your alley | right up your alley

Треба розуміти як: саме для вас


I’ve found a job that should be right down Lou’s alley. It’s writing for a baseball magazine, so he could use his writing skills and his knowledge of baseball.

right up your street

Треба розуміти як: ідеальне заняття для когось


I’ve found a job that should be right up Humphrey’s street. It’s writing for a cricket magazine, so he could use his writing skills and his knowledge of cricket.

ring a bell

Треба розуміти як: здаватися знайомим, нагадувати про щось


The name rang a bell but I couldn’t remember exactly where I’d heard it before.

rock the boat

Треба розуміти як: ставити під удар когось або щось, робити щось неспокійним


Don’t say anything that will rock the boat or you might lose your job.

rub it in

Треба розуміти як: капати на нерви, виводити з себе, сипати сіль на рану


I know I made a silly mistake, but do you have to rub it in by talking about it all the time?

ruffle someone’s feathers

Треба розуміти як: робити щось, щоб роздратувати чи засмутити людину


I didn’t mean to ruffle Gillian’s feathers. I just asked her if she could return the books she’d borrowed.

run out of steam

Треба розуміти як: виснажуватися, вичерпати всю енергію


Steve started the game well, but he ran out of steam towards the end. He needs to work on his fitness.

run rings around | run circles around

Треба розуміти як: робити щось набагато краще за когось


The Democrat candidate ran rings around the Republican candidate in their debate on the economy.


Треба розуміти як: нічого незвичайного, звичайний


There wasn’t much on TV so we just watched some run-of-the-mill old cowboy movie.

the rat race

Треба розуміти як: “щурячі перегони”


Sally is sick of the rat race. She’s going to quit her job in London and move to a quiet village and open a small cafe.

the real McCoy

Треба розуміти як: оригінальний товар


You only paid $50 for a Gucci handbag? Well it’s obviously not the real McCoy then, is it.

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