Англійські ідіоми на літеру “N”

Нижче представлені англійські ідіоми, що розпочинаються з літери “N”.

(someone’s) name is mud

Треба розуміти як: отримати погану репутація через якусь подію


Ian’s name is mud now because everyone thinks he was the one who stole the money.

a narrow escape

Треба розуміти як: ледве врятуватись, дивом врятуватись


He had a narrow escape when he fell off his motorbike. If he’d fallen off a second earlier, he would have been killed by the truck that had just passed by.

a necessary evil

Треба розуміти як: необхідне зло


Sandra says money’s a necessary evil. She thinks it causes many problems, but she can’t imagine how the world could work without it.

a nest egg

Треба розуміти як: гроші, що можна відкласти


When Indira inherited some money from her grandpa, she didn’t spend it. She decided it was time she had a nest egg so she put it into an investment fund.

a new lease of life

Треба розуміти як: початок нового життя


After recovering from her illness, Kathy had a new lease on life and made lots of plans for the future.

a night on the town | out on the town

Треба розуміти як: святкувати у місті


Let’s go out for a night on the town. We haven’t been out for ages.

a night owl

Треба розуміти як: нічний гуляка


She’s always been a night owl. Even when she was a student she’d study late at night and get up as late as possible the next day.

neck and neck

Треба розуміти як: на одному рівні


Nearly all the votes have been counted and the two candidates are still neck and neck, so we don’t know who’s won the election yet.

neck of the woods

Треба розуміти як: околиця, глухомань


What brings you to our neck of the woods?

neither here nor there

Треба розуміти як: (щось) ні до чого, щось неважливе


Whether we like a band or not is neither here nor there. The only thing that matters is whether we can sell enough tickets to their concert.

nerves of steel

Треба розуміти як: сталеві нерви


I could never work on one of those high-rise building sites where you walk along beams about twenty stories up. You’d need nerves of steel to do that job.

Never mind

Треба розуміти як: неважливо, викинь з голови, забудь


A: “I’m really sorry, but I can’t find my ticket.” B: “Never mind. Just give me your name and I’ll check the computer.”

Never say die!

Треба розуміти як: Не здавайся!


We were two goals down with only a few minutes to go, but our captain wouldn’t give up. He was shouting, “Come on, guys! Never say die!”

next to nothing

Треба розуміти як: майже нічого


Many people in poor countries earn very little money and have to live on next to nothing.

nip it in the bud

Треба розуміти як: вирішити проблему як тільки вона виникла (“пресечь на корню” в рос. мові)


Alan has a serious weight problem. Now he wishes he’d nipped it in the bud by eating less and exercising more when he was first starting to put on weight.

no holds barred

Треба розуміти як: безкомпромісно


The final game was played with no holds barred. It was very rough football and the referee had a hard time keeping control of things.

No sweat!

Треба розуміти як: Без проблем! Звісно!


Andy: “Are you sure you can carry that box?” Barry: “No sweat!”

No way!

Треба розуміти як: Неможливо!


Hassan’s father said he should sell his car to pay off his debts, but Hassan looked shocked at the suggestion and just said, “No way!”

not your cup of tea

Треба розуміти як: те, що нецікаве


Action movies aren’t really my cup of tea. I prefer dramas and comedies, to be honest.

nothing to write home about

Треба розуміти як: не вартувати уваги


We saw a movie today and it was nothing to write home about. It was just a typical action movie.

now and then | now and again

Треба розуміти як: час від часу


We usually stay home in the evenings during the week, but now and then we’ll go and see a movie.

now or never

Треба розуміти як: зараз або ніколи


The band is going to break up after this tour, so if you want to see them perform, it’s now or never.

the name of the game

Треба розуміти як: суть справи


In long-distance running, the name of the game is stamina and fitness. No matter how hard you try, if you haven’t trained hard and become extremely fit, you cannot win.

the new kid on the block

Треба розуміти як: новачок (у школі, на роботі і т.д.)


Have you met Brigette? She’s the new kid on the block – just started working here today.

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