Англійські ідіоми на літеру “L”

Нижче представлені англійські ідіоми, що розпочинаються з літери “L”.

a law unto themselves/herself/himself

Треба розуміти як: сам собі господар


Our boy Billy is a law unto himself. Of course he sometimes makes mistakes and gets into trouble, but we’re proud of him because he doesn’t just follow the herd.

labour of love | labor of love

Треба розуміти як: улюблена справа, справа за яку не отримують гроші, але отримують насолоду


Hiroko’s website was a labour of love that he made so that people could learn about jazz and blues music.

lay down the law

Треба розуміти як: заявляти безапеляційно, встановлювати закон


After we lost our third game in a row, our coach got really angry and laid down the law and said we had to try harder or we’d be out the door.

lead the way

Треба розуміти як: показувати приклад, вести за собою


When it came to exploring new directions in popular music, the Beatles definitely led the way.

lead you astray

Треба розуміти як: дезорієнтовувати, показувати поганий приклад


We’re worried about our teenage son because he’s at that age when he could easily be led astray by kids he thinks are cool and who could expose him to drugs or alcohol or other bad stuff.

learn the ropes

Треба розуміти як: знати основи


Ruth will teach you what to do, and it shouldn’t take you too long to learn the ropes.

learn your lesson

Треба розуміти як: отримувати гарний урок, вчитися на своїх помилках


After being arrested for drunk driving, Charlie said he’d learned his lesson and promised never to drink and drive again.

leave no stone unturned

Треба розуміти як: робити все можливе, використовувати усі засоби


Ari has left no stone unturned in her search for a job in television, but so far she hasn’t had any luck.

leave well enough alone | let well enough alone

Треба розуміти як: від добра добра не шукають


The kids seem happy enough now so let’s just leave well enough alone and forget about finding a new school for them.

lend someone a hand

Треба розуміти як: надавати допомогу


Could you lend me a hand with these bags?

let off steam

Треба розуміти як: перестати стримувати емоції


After sitting quietly in class all morning, kids need time to let off steam in the playground before going back to class in the afternoon.

let the cat out of the bag

Треба розуміти як: видати секрет, проговоритися


We’d planned a surprise party for Donna, but some guy she works with let the cat out of the bag, so now she knows.

let your hair down

Треба розуміти як: розслабитися, не звертати увагу на інших, не паритися


It’s hard to imagine Francine letting her hair down and having fun, but Helen said she’s like another person when she’s not at work. She’s funny and lively and she knows how to have a good time.

life of the party | life and soul of the party

Треба розуміти як: душа компанії


Harry is normally pretty quiet, but after he’s had a few beers he becomes the life of the party.

light at the end of the tunnel

Треба розуміти як: світло в кінці тунелю, бачити надію


After the leaders met for talks, people are seeing light at the end of the tunnel for the first time since the war began.

like a fish out of water

Треба розуміти як: не в своїй тарілці


I was the only black person in a church full of white people, and I felt like a fish out of water at first. But lots of people came up and talked to me after the service, and I soon felt quite at home.

live it up

Треба розуміти як: витрачати багато коштів на дорогі речі та отримувати насолоду від цього


We only live once, so let’s live it up and have fun!

live on your wits | live by your wits

Треба розуміти як: викручуватися як можеш та отримувати від цього гроші


These homeless kids have to learn how to live on their wits, and a lot of them are very smart.

lock, stock and barrel

Треба розуміти як: все повністю, з усіма речами


We’re going to move, lock, stock and barrel, to Spain and begin a new life there.

lose face

Треба розуміти як: втрачати повагу


A good manager can let someone know they’ve made a mistake without causing them to lose face.

lose your head

Треба розуміти як: злитися дуже сильно


When some people at the hospital said they wouldn’t help my injured friend because he didn’t have his ID card, I lost my head and shouted, “What’s wrong with you people? He’s dying!”

lost for words

Треба розуміти як: неможливо підібрати слова до ситуації


After hearing the news, Kerry was lost for words.

love at first sight

Треба розуміти як: кохання з першого погляду


When I saw Kerry, it was love at first sight. I knew straight away that she was the one for me.

the last straw

Треба розуміти як: остання подія, що змушує щось робити


I was already close to resigning, but the last straw was being bossed around by some kid twenty years younger than me. After that, I quit the job.

the lion’s share

Треба розуміти як: левова частка


The lion’s share of the government’s budget goes to the military, when it could be spent on useful things like education, health care and looking after the environment.

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