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a jack of all trades

треба розуміти як: майстер на всі руки


Jivad’s a real jack of all trades. He knows all about computers, can do graphic design and write advertising copy, and knows a lot of other stuff too.

a jam session

треба розуміти як: збір музикантів, що імпровізують


I have wonderful memories of joining in late-night jam sessions in New York jazz clubs with some really great musicians.

jobs for the boys

треба розуміти як: працевлаштування за знайомством


Henry deserved the position, but it was a case of jobs for the boys, as usual, and one of the boss’s old school friends got it instead of Henry.

jockey for position

треба розуміти як: робити все можливе, для досягнення цілі; не обмежуватися у засобах досягнення цілі


Several of us are jockeying for position as we negotiate with the manager for the job of running the new branch office.

jog your memory

треба розуміти як: нагадувати


The song really jogged my memory and I could clearly picture the scene thirty years ago when my friends and I first heard it.

joie de vivre

треба розуміти як: радість до життя, любов до життя


People loved her because of her joie de vivre and the fact that she was such great fun to be with.

Join the club!

треба розуміти як: Ти не один такий!


You were conned by a bank into taking out a mortgage, and now they own your home? Join the club! We lost ours last month.

join the ranks of

треба розуміти як: приєднуватися до групи


Because of the economic slowdown, more and more people are losing their jobs and joining the ranks of the unemployed.

joined at the hip

треба розуміти як: “не розлий вода”, бути всюди разом


Kim and Meg have been joined at the hip since meeting in high school. They’re more like soulmates than friends.

jump down your throat | jump all over you

треба розуміти як: сильно сварити


All I did was come twenty minutes late, and the manager jumped down my throat. I don’t understand why he got so mad.

jump for joy

треба розуміти як: стрибати від радості


As soon as we heard that the Free Democracy Party had won the election, we were all jumping for joy.

jump on the bandwagon

треба розуміти як: приєднуватися до переможців, приєднуватися до чогось популярного


I remember when punk became popular, lots of long-haired hippies jumped on the bandwagon and cut their hair short and wore black clothes.

jump out of your skin

треба розуміти як: здригнутися


Luke was watching the clouds pass in front of the moon when I quietly snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He screamed and nearly jumped out of his skin!

jump the gun

треба розуміти як: роботи щось передчасно


If you’re in a debate, wait until you’re invited to speak and don’t jump the gun by speaking before you should.

jump through hoops | go through hoops

треба розуміти як: робити забагато якось робити, аби досягти результату


The insurance company made me jump through hoops before they’d give me a health insurance policy. I had to do medical tests, questionnaires, interviews – you name it!

jump to conclusions

треба розуміти як: робити передчасні висновки


When Tom and Madonna were seen together, people jumped to conclusions and thought they were dating.

junk food

треба розуміти як: фаст-фуд, нездорова їжа


No wonder people in Western societies are so unhealthy, overweight and unattractive. Have you seen the sort of junk food they’re addicted to?

just in case

треба розуміти як: про всяк випадок


I’m taking an umbrella, just in case it rains

just in time | just in the nick of time

треба розуміти як: дуже вчасно


Jamie got his application form in just in time. If it had arrived a day later, it would’ve missed the deadline.

Just my luck!

треба розуміти як: Мені не щастить, як завжди!


Just as Leon got to the park for his run, it started to rain. “Just my luck!” he said.

just shy of

треба розуміти як: майже, трохи менше


Luckily our boxer’s weight is just shy of 60 kilos. If he was over 60 kilos, he couldn’t fight.

just the ticket

треба розуміти як: те, що треба


That’s just the ticket! Edna loves brooches, especially if they have bird designs, so she’ll absolutely love this one.

just what the doctor ordered

треба розуміти як: те, що лікар прописав; те, що треба


That was great meal, Ken. Just what the doctor ordered!

the jewel in the crown

треба розуміти як: найцінніша частина чого-небудь


Sydney’s Opera House is the jewel in the crown of modern Australian architecture.

the jury is still out

треба розуміти як: питання все ще не вирішено


It was a terrible mistake, and the jury’s still out on whether Bob will lose his job over it, or not.

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